Bob Adolf



The Charles river is probably the best place to learn rowing outside of Britain. I was fortunate to row in the Dudley House men's eight for several years and entered the World Indoor Rowing Championships twice (and didn't even come close to winning).


I've been a mid-distance runner since middle school. I don't run particularly far or fast, but it's a great way to clear my head. Sometimes you can find me at local races.

Ultimate Frisbee

I picked up the game as a senior in high school and played a little club in college. Although I don't play as often as I'd like, I always keep two discs in the trunk of my car. Now you know who to ask.

Around the Web

The Internet never forgets.

I'm a fan of open source software. I suppose it's related to my belief in reproducibility in science. Some of my projects are hosted here.

I periodically write about problems that I find engaging in a blog. It's not updated often, but more readers encourages more writing on my part. Drop by and add a comment.

If you know me professionally, consider connecting with my profile. My general rule of thumb is that I'm happy to accept if I'd recognize you on the street.
If you're a friend or family, look me up. I'm not very active, but you can see pictures and occasional updates.
Bookworm? Probably more so than I, but I try to put up my opinions about the books I make it through. See if you find them useful.
Perhaps not directly a social site, but it's a good home for idle CPU time. A couple trillion cycles here and there start to add up to real computation after a while.

Friends and Family

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of knowing some fine folks, some of whom have their own corner of the web. (To those of you who aren't listed here: send me a pointer to your site! I'd love to add a link to your virtual home.)